Case Study: YAT

YAT Labs sells YAT: “Yats 🖖 are emoji usernames that become your universal Internet identity🗿 website URL 💻 payment address 🤑 and more.”

When their existing video production provider was unable to provide live-streaming services, they introduced Yat Labs to us. We were happy to help them take on their challenge!

What was their challenge?

As a new offering in cryptocurrency, many potentially interested investors have not yet become aware of it. In their go-to-market strategy, they wanted to do a live online auction but were unsure of where to begin.

Hosting an auction requires video, live streaming, a strong speaker, in this case, participants from across the globe, and the tech to make it all happen. While the founders were putting together a great investment opportunity, they needed to bring in help to make the magic happen.

At Outreach Studios, we have produced so many live stream shows, it’s second nature. We have the equipment and know-how to pull it off – and were happy to do so for this successful offering!

Yat Labs decided to host the event with Streamyard, which is not a platform we usually use. However, the ability of our team to learn and get up to speed on new software to meet any client’s needs is par none.

They incorporated the Streamyard feed into discord, then the global, limited (and exclusive) audience viewed and bid over discord. The event ran smoothly in real-time for over 6 hours without an issue.

What Work Did Outreach Studios Provide?

To prepare for the event, we exported over 500 videos to depict the emojis that the online participants viewed for bidding. There were an additional 18 videos for the auction lots, to be combined with the live stream. These nuances, timings, and triggers were rehearsed several times the days leading up to the event to prepare for a smooth auction process.

5-6 computers ran simultaneously for days to render all of the videos and visuals. This is a service we are happy to offer any client with similar needs to work quickly and efficiently.

The videos were representations of what people were buying; emojis to use in the crypto world as your universal internet identity. These are a series of emojis in a specific order which were highlighted in the videos. For example, eyeball, heart symbol, ice cream cone.

The Event:

The exclusive opportunity was limited to 500 ticket buyers with many people tuning in from around the globe, including hosts broadcasting from California, Canada, and South Africa. Using Streamyard, participants interacted in waiting rooms, chats, in person, and with bots for the auction process. The technology worked together seamlessly with individual bids in the 6 figure range, and the event as a whole profiting well into multiple 7 figures.

Next Steps

We can’t say! This is an exclusive, invite-only event… But the buyers and sellers were all highly satisfied…. and it will come again.