Richmond Heights, MO – Outreach Studios, a network-caliber film and TV production studio, is now open for business in the space previously occupied by First Rule Film and Broadcast. Rob Glessner, former Director of Film and Broadcast Operations at First Rule, is the President and Owner of Outreach Studios. Drawing from decades of broadcast experience, Glessner will continue to apply his deep technical expertise and industry knowledge to the day-to-day operations of Outreach Studios.

Located inside the distinguished University Club Tower at 1034 South Brentwood Boulevard in Richmond Heights, Outreach Studios houses a wide range of professional-quality equipment operated by a highly skilled crew who are quickly putting the company on the map as a nationally renowned space for live newscasts and commercial productions.

“Outreach Studios is home to a broadcast studio and ‘broadcast-ready’ event space that are on par with any national cable show set,” said President Rob Glessner. “In fact, all of the major cable networks (such as Fox News and CNN) have used this space for live interviews and appearances.”

Glessner originally designed the space in collaboration with Peter Provost and Paul Benson of Provost Studio and Peter Hyde of Peter Hyde Design. Well respected within the industry, Provost Studio and Peter Hyde Design have created several studios for major TV networks and notable organizations, including the Chicago Bears.

Image of Rob Glessner, President and Owner of Outreach Studios

Rob Glessner, President and Owner of Outreach Studios

In addition to its broadcast studio and premium event space, Outreach Studios boasts a fully customizable cyc-wall studio designed for the production of high-quality advertisements and corporate videos. After filming, the staff provides full support with the post-production process by editing video, designing graphics, adding music, and supplying voiceover talent as needed. Outreach Studios also features a carpeted conference room that can be used for catered business meetings, webinars, or focus group testing.

“Outreach Studios is a turnkey solution when it comes to live streaming projects,” said Jeremy Corray, Executive Vice President at Coolfire Studios. “I’ve hired them on multiple projects, as the combination of experience and technical know-how has always been a win/win for my company and my clients. Best of all, Rob comes pre-loaded with all of those ‘soft skills’ and the ability to finesse even under pressure. Outreach is my go-to and should be yours as well.”

The four flexible spaces at Outreach Studios can accommodate live stream events, podcasts, roundtable discussions, programming with a studio audience, product launches, newsroom environments, digital video production, and more. If you have questions about any of the above information or would like to experience a virtual tour, use the form on this page to contact Glessner and his team directly.