On Location at Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Las Vegas

At Outreach Studios, we are proud to work with the franchise community, creating video content that takes us to locations all across the country. In 2023, the International Franchise Association (IFA) asked our team to film interviews at the Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Las Vegas, owned by Zarko Stojankovski.  We took a back of the house tour and gained insights into the opportunities and successes that come with owning a franchise.

The video production set-up by Outreach Studios allowed for in-store interviews for the Open For Opportunity series.

This was one of a hundred videos we’ve created as part of the IFA’s Open For Opportunity campaign, a platform that highlights the diversity, the stories, and the positive community impact that franchises make all across the country. In our interview with Zarko, we were able to capture the story of his background and his unique perspective on being an entrepreneurial small business owner. We also showcased TJ, his rising star GM who started as entry-level employee dedicated to learning more and to owning his own franchise in the near future.

Two Places At Once

We had more than a full schedule during this shoot day, needing to be at two franchise locations at the same time. As a small business ourselves, our team at Outreach Studios shares in the core values and qualities that make franchises great, including being flexible and being prepared. In this case, we thoroughly planned ahead, managing all logistics, to ensure we would come away with everything we needed from two separate location productions.

At the conclusion of our shoot, we returned to our studios to edit, presenting the client with a complete video within two days. The final version was used by the IFA across multiple social channels and in advertising, including YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.  The video can also be viewed on the Open For Opportunity website where you can view countless videos we’ve produced for this campaign.

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