Fun fact: More than 1,000 original television episodes and 200+ commercials, remote shoots, virtual events, and fundraising galas have been shot with our crew and studio space. Our reputation for providing a premium experience and delivering a wide range of video services executed by our highly-skilled team have resulted in Outreach Studios becoming the preferred film partner of many agencies, corporations, SMBs, and nonprofits organizations. Some of our clients include Stifel, Cisco, University of Missouri, Cor Jesu Academy, Caritas, and Our Little haven. Additionally, many national media outlets including CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC often choose our studios for live broadcast use when reporting on events in the St. Louis area. Let’s take a closer look at our services and some of the ideal uses for each.


Live Streaming Events

According to a recently released report from Cisco, 74% of all Internet video traffic in 2021 will consist of livestreams and longform video, up from 65% in 2016. The same study also found that 5 million years worth of video content will cross the Internet every month this year! If you want to reach your customers where they are while rising above the noise of the competition, live streaming events in HD quality is a powerful way to drive revenue to your business and allow your audience to become part of your brand experience. Some examples of successful live stream events include:

  • Share breaking news 
  • Showcase a new product or service
  • Organize a Q&A session on a trending topic 
  • Raise money for a cause 
  • Host a roundtable with industry experts
  • Teach a class or tutorial session 
  • Invite your audience to participate in a contest 
  • Give a consulting session for a client 

On-Location Filming

In addition to filming inside our flexible studios in Richmond Heights, we’re also capable of bringing our crew and gear to you! Whether you need to capture the action in the field, inside your offices, or at your retail or service location, our team can provide everything you need to create a stunning, high-quality video production. 

In many situations, prospective customers or employees want to know exactly what they can expect when working with your company. What better way to show them those details than with a video filmed at your facility? When you partner with Outreach Studios, you can rest easy knowing that your on-location video content will capture your business at its best and shine a light on the unique qualities and features that make your organization unlike any other.


Instructional Videos

Instructional video consumption is growing fast: Research from YouTube shows that searches including the phrase “how to” are growing 70% year-over-year and that hundreds of millions of hours of how-to videos are streamed annually. Rather than reading dense manuals and guides, video is quickly becoming the preferred channel that people rely on to learn new skills and receive instructions. 

That’s why more and more of our customers have been tapping us to help them introduce new products and services, demonstrate new systems or software, assist with onboarding, improve quality standards, simplify complex information, and remind staff of key practices. There’s no limit to the types of tutorials, training videos, and educational material we can help your business produce! If you’re looking for a creative partner to help you come with ideas to illustrate complex ideas or abstract concepts in an easy-to-digest video format, Outreach Studios has you covered.

Post-Production + VFX

When it comes to creating engaging video content that inspires viewers to take action, shooting high-grade footage is only one part of the equation. The second crucial component comes in post-production, where we handle editing, scoring, animating, and adding voiceover talent as needed to guarantee that your project is a masterpiece. 

There are subtle, often overlooked visual effects (VFX) elements such as color correction and graphic rendering that can make the difference between a video that’s “good enough” and a video that wows your audience and causes them to say, “How’d they do that?!” As a full-service video solutions provider, Outreach Studios can manage every step of the production process to ensure that your story is told exactly as you envisioned it. 

Have an idea for a livestream event, on-location demonstration, or instructional video that will enhance your company’s brand and drive new business? We’re currently running a one-time offer for new customers: 10% off your first booking with us when you email rob@outreachstudios or call 314-249-6823. Reach out to Outreach Studios today and we can get started on creating some magic!